Our Showroom

The Dimmitt Automotive Group has two locations and several buildings.  Located in Clearwater, FL since 1986, “The Mansion” houses Dimmitt Cadillac and the majority of offices for Dimmitt Automotive Group within its walls.  The building known as The Mansion was patterned after a library in Georgia after Mr. Richard Dimmitt (Current and Third Generation Owner) and Doreen Dimmitt, traveled the Southern region in search of the ideal design to capture the essence of Southern hospitality.  Work began on the Mansion in 1984 and the dealership moved in and began operating from its current location in 1986.

In 1987, Range Rover (now Land Rover), the luxury British four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle, joined our Cadillac store and is located on the same property within their own building just south of the Mansion.  Also located at the Clearwater location is one of our Pre-Owned Car buildings, just north of the Mansion, where you can find a used car to fit any budget.

A decade later 1997 the most prestigious of marques, Rolls-Royce/Bentley, was added to the family.  In 2000, Dimmitt acquired the Dew Cadillac dealership in Pinellas Park.  The second Cadillac dealership along with Bentley and Rolls-Royce were joined by McLaren in our Ultra Luxury Showroom in Pinellas Park in 1998.  The Ultra Luxury Showroom received the prestigious LEED Certification & Aurora Award, which recognizes a green project and project’s features that directly benefit the surrounding community as well as reduce energy consumption.  Just one year after McLaren joined the family; Aston Martin joined the Dimmitt Automotive Group family and is located next door to the Ultra Luxury Showroom in its own building.  Along with Aston Martin, we have our Ultra Luxury Pre-Owned division where you can find a variety of exotic cars for sale.

Dimmitt Automotive Group Receives Prestigious LEED Certification & Aurora Award